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Community Arts Experience (C.A.E.)

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About Us

“The vision for C.A.E. is to expand our social model beyond organic growth by replicating services and global solutions that cover the entire spectrum of economic and social development to effect systemic cultural change.”

- B.J. Pleasant, Founder & CEO

Established in 2008, Community Arts Experience (C.A.E.) 501(c)(3) charitable organization is an alternative learning and training system designed to empower individuals and communities to transform culture holistically.

C.A.E. provides evidence-based programs and services to equip children ages 7-17, parents, and adults with the education, skills, and moral compass to flourish in their communities across generations.

C.A.E.’s organizational structure comprises four global service divisions designed to influence society for the common good:

  1.   Performing Arts Division

  2.   Health & Fitness Division

  3.   Media & Technology Division

  4.   Education & Development Division

C.A.E. explores specific models inclusive of civic and community engagement projects, career and technical education programs of study, entrepreneurship, arts-infused learning activities, and family engagement capacity building. These offerings are designed to entice students organically by creating an attractive, relatable environment through combined family-friendly entertainment and intergenerational technology conducive to learning and well-being.

Each C.A.E. branded workshop is built on four dynamic pillars: 

  • Responsive & Positive Interventions & Supports:

    • Offer a positive and fun-filled professional environment.

      • Foster and maintain resilience through school and community collaborative relationships.

    • Value academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs.

      • Implement a cognitive-behavioral treatment model for teaching appropriate behaviors.

    • Employ data-driven decision-making on all levels.

  • Holistic Approaches to Learning:

    • Employ combined strategies of arts-infused technical instruction and project-based learning activities to provide unique educational experiences; reflecting the highest standards of both excellence and diversity.

  • College Planning and Workforce & Career Development:

    • Focus on college & career exploration activities and experiences.

      • Incorporate multiple pathways to carry young people from elementary school to adulthood through Life and Career Action Plans.

    • 21st Century Skills Development (Adaptability, complex communication skills, non-routine problem solving, self-management, and systems-thinking.)

      • Accelerate students’ ability to develop, apply, respond, interview, search, engage, and manage employability essentials for jobs & career opportunities.

  • Parent & Family Engagement Mandate:

    • Parent & Student capacity building enrichment activities and support systems. 

C.A.E. partners with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies to provide access to childcare, transportation, affordable housing, mental health and substance support services, food accessibility, and education resources to improve your life, family, and community.

Through the guiding principles of integrity, leadership, innovation, lasting outcomes, collaboration, core values, and learning, C.A.E. believes in honoring a rich tradition to guide activities in the future.

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